How to achieve high efficiency promotion site

with online webmasters to promote more and more frequently and we found we had so many proven methods are failure. How to find a new way to promote the efficiency of the webmaster has been the primary problem disturbing the webmaster. At present, there are several ways to have the effect is very small!

1, QQ group promotion to my new station, for example, the beginning of the site, I applied for a QQ, each QQ joined the 10 groups. In theory there is a group of about 100 more than 7 thousand people to accept the promotion, in fact I sent 3 times (three days of the day, the language of the organization are not the same as) the actual effect is three times, more than 20 thousand audience, the suspicious traffic (can’t confirm whether it has only 2ip). And it took a lot of time to do it.

2, Q & a website. Q & a website is very strict control, the basic answer is that the link will be blocked! Baidu post bar is also the same. YAHOO’s audit is a little loose, but you don’t want to send too much. In the past, each of our answers can be linked with their own history has been basically completed.

3, chat room, before we most cattle promotion is in the chat room. Once QQ chat room 50% of the webmaster QQ is the promotion of QQ, but now this has become something we miss. QQ chat room was temporarily closed, Sina and other chat is executed on the web site address. It seems that this is a bad way to go

4, forum advertising, and now the forum has been very annoying advertising. But soft Wen can still. This is why the soft is always the main reason for the promotion of

5, mass mail, e-mail group has now become a very popular way to promote garbage. In, for example, I made more than 20000 mail, the flow is very unsatisfactory, about 10 IP, the efficiency is very low. More than 90% of the estimated mass mail as spam. But there’s a way to use it. Is the title of the column to write "Congratulations, your registration information has been successfully verified" I have done this, the effect is much better than ordinary, but the adhesion is not high, so did not continue!

6, mass software. Once we passed the mass of software to bring us a good flow, but now basically not work. The search engine has been able to identify this mass spam, as spam and K. So this approach with caution.

7, in SEO, we used the cat link method, ALT tags and other methods are basically out of date. Recently, many webmaster link suffered in the cat. So now the cat do link must be careful ah! (May a wise remark of an experienced person I stand, do cat links, immediately was right down, I cry!)

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