Lay the foundation for web marketing

network marketing is profitable, but it is only the most beautiful appearance of network marketing coat or jewelry, and the corporate website is the basis of network marketing, only to lay a good foundation, can put the network marketing this building decoration magnificent

!Whether it is to buy

keyword in the search engine, or on the network advertisement, its purpose is to guide enterprises to the user site from other sites, so the user login your site will do what, it all depends on whether the enterprise website can "stick" live users. The small and medium-sized enterprise website most put on the product introduction, company, manager, ask the information and how to stick to the user? And we are the results of the analysis is to make enterprise website, the website not only is introduced, but there should be more help content. To help users solve the problem, eliminate user concerns, access to the user’s point of view of the trust to the layout of the enterprise website content. For example, your company is a private hospital, so the site should have relevant content to tell the user what symptoms appear is what disease, how to treat the disease, and to give users want to things, let users trust your business, allowing users to dispel concerns, so as to change for your customers. In the medical web site, which referred to the website content management, online help, online customers, web site statistics and other indispensable functions. All this is to retain users, improve customer conversion rate. Otherwise, the purchase of key words, put online advertising is wasted effort, the user to your site, turned away, you can only empty sigh.


content of the website is the most important thing for the enterprise website, from two aspects: 1) included in the search engine how to make your business website in the search engine has a good natural ranking, is a reasonable "code, two is a large number of outstanding content. 2) the content of the website is to help users, have high quality content to help users solve problems, and let users know your service, understand your business, in order to gain the trust of users, and translated into the ultimate business customers. Do not always meet customers directly say that I have a lot of good things, do not expect others to deal with you for the first time to be able to trust, trust is based on the help of the foundation.

enterprise network marketing is the key to the above mentioned website content construction, network marketing channels. As long as the above two points, we can solve these two problems, one is to bring traffic, the two is to retain users, and improve customer conversion rate. This paper consists of ( feeds.

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