Collar health information announced the completion of tens of millions of yuan A round of financing

September 26th news today, the Internet service provider SaaS + oral health Shanghai Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "leading health information") announced in August this year to complete the A+ round of tens of millions of RMB financing, the investor is Fosun Group, Fosun with Hao capital. Currently, the collar health information A round and A+ round of financing totaling about 70000000 yuan.

it is reported that this round of financing, lead the health information service will increase product innovation investment, focus on oral outpatient management system continued to force the implementation of ecological products, oral medical digital, mobile, intelligent, social, electricity supplier. The future will be the mouth of the industry as a starting point to explore a new model of medical + internet.

health information was founded in May 2015, the same year in August to get the latitude and longitude Chinese angel investment, completed in January this year, our lead investor A round of financing. The business model is mainly through the connection of hospital and clinic, doctors, patients, data, third party services, supply chain and insurance payments, to provide a solution of cloud platform "e dentist" digital dental clinic management based on the overall plan.

The health information

collar investment Fosun Tonghao capital founding managing partner Liu Qikai believes that the degree of oral health care industry market, more practice rate is high, with the escalation of domestic consumption, oral industry will usher in a period of rapid development, currently there are more than 60 thousand oral outpatient oral cavity, a huge market, but the level of information in dental clinic management is generally not high, suitable for oral + Internet to reconstruct oral industry service model, using SaaS model as the starting point, with doctors, patients, and data on the downstream industry will greatly enhance the efficiency, reduce the cost.

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