A novice VS a new site promotion plan summary

I recently received a task, is to promote a new website for their enterprise. The following is based on the experience of the past two years to promote the website to write a promotion program, in the purpose of this is to give you a better communication and learning and learning experience to modify the program. Also hope the friends a lot, so I make promotion plan is Daniel

?Company name: Shenzhen

Nairuier Co. Ltd.

website address: http://s.www.sznre.com/

a, keyword selection and positioning

by Baidu index and Google keyword selection tool to select keywords valuable website as the target keywords, because the company is mainly engaged in the service for beauty, slimming, breast enhancement, through the preliminary analysis, the following related business words as target keywords:

1, beauty salons (Baidu index 849, about the day the number of search for a total of 800 people. July Google search volume is about 450 thousand) are the top ten Baidu keyword bidding, the difficulty and the key words can be considered to do the long tail keywords, such as beauty salons where the best effect for phrases, ranked five after the basic is the target customers click.

2, breast enhancement products (Baidu index of 3166, Google search volume in July was $90 thousand) Baidu ranked the top three, there is the value of optimization, keyword optimization difficulty moderate.

3, weight loss (Baidu index of 169, Google monthly search volume of 670 thousand) to bid for the company’s four, the difficulty of the general.

two, mining a large number of long tail keywords

long tail keywords exists in the content page, must consider the content of the original and close correlation as well as the title of the long tail keywords, specific value selection in the work required to explore, such as the Guangzhou beauty salons, beauty salons, beauty salons in Shenzhen Shanghai, and the combination of regional and national each big city beauty salons which effect breast products the best brand and target phrase.

three, the adjustment of the internal structure of the site and the shortcomings of the site

1, website station is currently ASP dynamic pages, dynamic pages for search engine is not too friendly, crawler dynamic pages will have difficulty, should generate static or pseudo static, which can effectively increase the number of web search engine included, more conducive to the long tail keywords effect.

2, site navigation part should be in the form of text to achieve, is also a text form, but need to do some minor adjustments.

3, ZhengZhan pictures more search engine, and can not identify the picture, pictures can be content with AIT tags or pictures of surrounding words, words can do some special treatment, such as bold, italic, and so on.

4, the bottom of the need to increase the link bar, external links are not

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