How to develop network marketing and how to analyze core competence

A review of the

2013, a large number of businesses from the traditional offline marketing mode to wake up, squeeze the Internet marketing awfully busy. Outlook 2014, the Internet will be a platform for corporate talent, all kinds of products, service providers competitive network market. So, as the protagonist of the network marketing, in the face of hundreds of millions of Internet competitors on the Internet, what do you want to do this is what we want to discuss today: how to analyze the core competitiveness.


what is the core competitiveness? Pointing to the corporate world, is the enterprise’s strength, strengths and advantages. The world’s top five hundred companies than China’s top 50 enterprises this is the advantage of 2G network than the 3G network is a gap, so there is a word in the core competitiveness is more than. Enterprises should be stronger than other products, better than other products, but also to the quality of the price is also excellent, of course, enterprises will be able to make money. These are the role of core competitiveness.

so, network marketing companies do encounter the other similar products do marketing on the Internet, in the face of competition comparison, how can we make our own enterprises have more advantage? Then we will discuss a "analysis" part of the core competitiveness of enterprises in the

analysis of advantages and disadvantages can Zhiyizhibi 100%

is a name known in the art. Through not tire known saying, for enterprise network marketing is the same reason, only the ground originally in the market to sell things to the sales network. For the merits of the analysis is somewhat similar to the SWOT analysis, the enterprise’s own products and competitor products to get a piece of comparison, this analysis helps in actual network marketing, against competitors amplify each other’s weaknesses, consolidate their products selling point. Assuming that the company is a computer equipment sales company, then we can summarize some of the advantages of buying a computer on the site, for example:

online to buy a computer advantage:

1, a large number of models can be flexible with their own models.

2, price transparency, the price is relatively cheap to buy a lot of lines will not be JS pit.


online installation, can enjoy the fun like building blocks of the purchase.

4 do not need to stay at home, crowded bus subway to the computer city to purchase, eliminating the trouble of

… Etc.

when the company sells products on the Internet, the product of their own sales model for the promotion of a certain number of people will be willing to buy in your online shopping mall instead of running to the computer to go.

so if you want to enlarge the weaknesses of competitors in fact we put the computer on the Internet to buy the advantages of the opposite can read:

line to buy a computer disadvantage:

1, a single model, if not CPU>

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