2010 personal education website advocate self cooperation promotion program for draft

distinguished personal website owner:

you for your site promotion that? If yes, please continue to watch it.

annual New Year’s arrival is a good marketing opportunity, if the operation is successful, it will bring a new year to the enterprise good results.

we are a group of independent business owners, do we also want to use the 2010 this year to promote their website?. But how to promote it?

I have a 2010 year calendar calendar by personal website promotion plan, as long as the individual is the main site is worth a look.

program name:

personal website calendar calendar 2010 self-help promotion plan

program ideas:

contact the country personal website, every website owner only invested 200 yuan to the self-help promotion expenses, you can put their website promotion to the country, and the promotion of the time is for a whole year, the promotion effect is immeasurable.

program operation:

1, from March 28th to June 28th to contact all over the country personal website owners to collect information about whether the site owners are willing to participate in the "self promotion plan in 2010" and feedback and suggestions;

2, from June 28th to August 28th to sort out the personal website owners to participate in the "self-help cooperative promotion plan," the intent of the table and the collection of self promotion costs of;

3, from August 28th to October 28th on printing "self-help cooperative extension calendar";

4, October 28th to November 28 to the main site by mail or check 2010 new year calendar, self-help promotion expenses and collect the remaining 50%.

program description:


participated in the "2010 personal self-help website cooperation promotion plan" website owners can get at least 50-60 the desk or wall calendar, site owners to participate in the activities of more and more widely distributed range, website promotion effect is better.

If you want to

, there are more than 2 thousand owners in the country more than 1 million sales or distribution desk or calendar, you website promotion effect will not? Even if only more than 300 website owners to participate in the self-help cooperation promotion plan, at least 20 thousand of the Taiwan calendar printing can be distributed to all over the country to potential visitors hands.

would like to see this plan to participate in the promotion of self-help after the site owners to forward this post, contact more personal website owners, more discussion of the program.

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