Cheating software for micro shop backing transfer transactions can be fake

off WeChat’s popularity, micro shop, micro business has become increasingly hot, micro shop can often see a variety of huge trading volume and transaction records in the circle of friends, let some practitioners look really envious. However, micro business is really so hot it?

recently exposed a group of micro network operators use software to create false news cheating screenshots, after reading not surprising – "WeChat dialogue generator" and "Alipay" net transfer transfer screenshot builder screenshot software "GPS" virtual positioning software "and other fraud tools emerge in an endless stream. From the transaction dialogue to the transfer record, from the results show to the inspection report, all flicker information can be artificial".

some of these software charges per year, you can also buy a permanent right to use. Prices ranging from several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

in order to improve the credibility of the store, increasing attention, they can brush transaction records, forged transfer records, and some provide overseas purchasing shop, in order to increase the credibility, even can forge the current position information. These there is no trace of PS and sense of violation and false picture information, enough to let some people can not identify, fall into the trap.

with the "WeChat dialogue generator", these unscrupulous businesses can modify customer manual "(including picture and nickname) information, then generate WeChat chat, can even generate a screenshot of the transfer, almost the point of the real ones do.


transfer screenshots generator can set the other Alipay picture, name, transfer payments and other basic information on Alipay mobile phone, mobile phone, even the time consumption can be customized.

there are some false purchasing micro shop, with the help of the software GPS virtual location, can arbitrarily set themselves a place in foreign countries, and create their own abroad in the sale of goods is not false, overseas purchasing, or even some small workshops according to the needs of the seller to mass customization production.

see here, you may have understood that the circle of friends who get the sun, sun dialogue, Sun Records illusion is so get out.

At present,

micro micro shop business has just started, many sellers are uneven in quality, some working part-time business, with the majority of users of unscrupulous sellers dragons and fishes jumbled together, please open your eyes and carefully distinguish, don’t give speculators an opportunity to leave.

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