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with e-commerce company gene and the logistics company, or with large platform to do the regional logistics service providers, may be a direction to solve the logistics bottleneck.

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large-scale promotion of twelve, the whole social logistics system in 2011 Taobao’s performance is much better than 2010. However, the performance of the entire e-commerce industry requirements, not "critical" is just a pass level.

those fast-growing B2C companies, including Taobao Mall (micro-blog) on the brand, the requirements for logistics services is much higher than the current social services can be provided. In this context, with the e-commerce company and gene logistics company, or with the regional logistics service platform to do, perhaps is to solve the logistics bottleneck in one direction, a new opportunity is the electronic commerce enterprise logistics service demand derivative.

paradox: VIP encounter standardized

whether it is the growth of Taobao or independent B2C, they brought the massive orders led to the rapid growth of the third party logistics. Because the electronic commerce enterprise itself brings the order by the information flow, but the third party logistics company’s distribution ability is needs the personnel, the warehousing, the vehicle and so on hardware facilities investment. Therefore, the actual logistics growth rate will not keep up with the growth rate of information flow.

in such a reality, the third party logistics company’s distribution capacity can barely keep up with the pace of e-commerce enterprises. In the social e-commerce platform, a large number of small sellers, small sellers in the development of the third party logistics price sensitivity is very high. As a result, the third party logistics companies on the one hand to bear the increasing demand of the whole society, on the other hand, in the fierce market competition, but also can not easily raise prices. In this reality, the third party logistics service level is low, it will be a lot of B2C companies and brands criticized.

at the same time, a lot of courier companies in order to accelerate staking, take the franchise system. In first-tier cities, the courier company is more direct, service quality is relatively good, but in some two or three to join the main line of the city, lost and damaged goods, poor service attitude has become the people’s impression of the third party logistics company general.

"for B2C companies, even also tend to pay the courier to our customers to provide better service experience." Good music to buy CEO Li Shubin pointed out, but if this service is provided by third party courier company, this proposition does not set up. Because the courier companies are unified receipt, unified distribution, the goods arrived in the hands of the courier, he would not be able to distinguish between what is more to pay the courier, so in the attitude of the user, it will not be treated differently.

the most important is to disclose customer data." Kuba (micro-blog) vice president Peng Liang said, this situation exists in the third party logistics company. User data is sold to competitors is not a problem

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