Miss hand chop Festival Double 11 Gome online mobile phone panic buying Raiders

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double 11 big promotion still, November 13th to 17, the United States online "double 11 price does not stop" Encore to benefit wonderful continue, we again, 3C digital electric / Hui 9.9 yuan, 6.9 yuan from the department store, buy two pay. Among them, the sale of 11 double big name mobile phone explosion cheap return, so that the double does not regret leaving the real!


HUAWEI glory 7 ice silver mobile 4G version of the official standard

double Encore 11 Gome online price of 1980 yuan straight down 419 yuan

dual 11 low-cost mobile phone not rushing, never mind, Gome online cheap Encore continue! Public machine explosion HUAWEI glory 7 mobile version of the official standard, Gome online 11 double Encore so awesome price, the price of 1980 yuan to benefit users, large screen mobile phone price big quality, worth having! < /p>


Mito (Meitu) Meitu Xiu Xiu M4 Mobile Unicom 4G mobile phone Mint Green Mobile / Unicom 4G standard

double 11 Gome online price of 2288 yuan


M4 Mobile Unicom 4G mobile phone show is a designated enterprise by public security, fashion mint, double 1300W camera! Eight core processor of self love! You deserve it! In November 10 to 15, the purchase of mobile phone users to send the MiTo Mito mobile phone shell + headset + self remote control! Let your photos "beauty burst" new fashion of others! Self, God, to dare to think over the value of the price, you can make over



OPPO R7s mobile version of 4G mobile phone (gold)

Gome online 11

double Encore price: 2599 yuan

OPPO R7s new starting, long life flash shot weapon, high configuration 4GB running +32G body memory, long life VOOC flash charge +3070 MAH battery, 5.5 inch 2.5D ultra narrow arc screen full metal frame purchase. Purchase free accessory packs (headset + + + self bar mobile power mobile phone holster, gifts) along with the mobile phone distribution! The new low

value gifts!


Samsung J7008 4G mobile phone (sand gold)

Gome online 11

double Encore price: 1798 yuan

market selling classic Samsung J7008 mobile phone 4G, double 11 during the performance of the market is hot, the United States online price of 1798 yuan / double 11. 85° wide angle self timer! 5.5 inches high definition big screen! Durable life. What are you waiting for, chop hand family



millet 4 white 32GB mobile 4G hand >

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