2012 those away from our electricity supplier

in 2012 for the electricity supplier industry, it is an extraordinary year, constantly adding new business, e-commerce sites have also been left people’s vision, this paper inventory in 2012 who are or have disappeared in the sight of the electricity supplier.

(1) music cool day


cool days is an electronic commerce website of B2C joint venture founded by China search giant Baidu and Japanese electricity supplier giant Lotte, cool days officially launched in October 2010. Among them, Lotte holding 51%, Baidu holding 49%, this is the second time Baidu involved in the electricity supplier industry try year ah established, Baidu claimed to have "three years to beat Taobao, become the China largest personal online trading platform", but had to admit that today Baidu has ah, even as some second rate electricity supplier. Baidu eager to achieve a huge flow of liquidity, once again into the electricity supplier industry, the establishment of the music cool days, Baidu is also given a huge support, but the results ended in failure. Due to various reasons, music cool day mall in April 27, 2012 to stop the service, that is to say that the closure of Baidu’s electricity supplier dream shattered again.

(2) 24 coupon


24 coupons founder Du Yinan is a top student, 24 coupons is also the earliest, Chinese local service platform is one of the largest scale of group purchase, once 24 coupons with "share every happiness" and "experience first" purpose by consumers named "the most well-being of the group purchase website", but now when we opened 24 ticket website, but can only be seen as shown above the "24 voucher website statement, 24 coupons not expressly to stop the service, but said that" due to business restructuring, into the long holiday, perhaps 24 coupons still look forward to "rebirth", but we all know, now 24 coupons have been real shut down, perhaps a certain period of 24 voucher can be re opened, but the long holidays can also leave many customers






network on November 2010 officially launched, targeting the high-end market positioning. D web online products from socks, underwear, gradually extended to the scarf, then also added to the electricity supplier marketing war, invest a lot of money to advertise. But from the beginning of the year, cotton net several times into the crisis, owed hundreds of million of advertising money "," d decisive layoffs often found in newspapers and other news. Now, all goods are following D web frame, and a vertical electricity supplier to the failed, now D web and even the official website can not be opened.

(4) regiment treasure net


group treasure net in March 2010 on the line, buy industry >

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