Taobao brush drill Taobao reputation system can go far

very early to write such an article, but no sense to. Just saw the "brush crown" topic. Did not expect to come so fast. The introduction of the credibility of the early Taobao shop, can be said to be in line with the fact that the Chinese e-commerce. But, at that time, or give a relatively pure, many of them are every little bit accumulate, if there is a drill, should be a very great. "Credibility" of the introduction, it can be said that Taobao brand gold content is an important indicator. Is also the embodiment of its value. But with the passage of time, due to the importance of credibility, a lot of people spend their minds on the brush credibility. Different forms of brush, some sites can be up to 220 yuan a diamond. Some time ago, a very talk to people on the Internet, he told me that he had a business for Taobao is the seller on behalf of the brush reputation, also made his website to me, Dacheng network, website be very professional. I think he’s doing a good job, because it seems to me that he is a man of business.

back in the year, Taobao praise system as a well-known brand. At that time, the price of diamonds, diamonds are generally worth. Then, in the success of Taobao, but did not continue to make this product more perfect, knowing that there are loopholes, but it is a closed eye. In the end, Taobao’s diamonds have gone down in value, and he is now slowly influencing the value of his crown. So go on, the final result will lead to the collapse of the entire credibility of the Taobao system.

, although Taobao recently changed its evaluation system, but still too simple. Simply can not reverse the current Taobao reputation value is thin and wet situation. This reminds me of GOOGLE PR value, at this point, Taobao can refer to the PR value, Taobao’s reputation is not good, one yuan is a reputation, is 10 yuan. 10000 yuan is also. This is not in line with the actual business practices. If you think deeply, Taobao can do a lot of rules change.

Now Taobao has

in domestic CTOC first position, pat, there is ah, at present, within a few years is difficult to pick up, unless they change the rules. Taobao CTOC dominance is difficult to replace. However, the most terrible thing is to be defeated by their own. Taobao is still very good, but it is still a lot of problems. Such as: Brush credibility, fakes, garbage too much credibility. Now basically, Taobao has become the three largest member of the trouble. These problems, once the expansion of the blow to Taobao, should be a heavyweight thing.

Taobao now from the store owner, consumers, manufacturers, partners, investors, a variety of complex relationships, a variety of interests staggered. These things, if not to sort out, in the end, may have the ability to Ma again big also powerless. Ali mother and YAHOO China’s failure, that Ma is not a panacea. If you really want to build a Taobao e-commerce environment, the road is still very long.

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