How to effectively promote the rapid growth of local stations

A5 from the posted rate, the local station is still relatively recent popular types of Web sites, a number of standing up, how many stations to subsequent fall, only a few people harvest the joy of success, success is always not easily won promotion place station, no point method and combination of skills at all? Recently on the Wuhan news network a series of promotion practice, summed up the local station from the railway station to the three months of the three steps of quick profit, for your reference and share exchange station.


local websites based on the local market, the use of media and customer sources are the Internet, so the local station don’t begin to think of how to do offline promotion, unless you are a very powerful companies, burned up the money within this range! Anything can not be done overnight, there must be a gradual in the process, the nature of the site " effective online promotion "absolute classification of information station of choice, if you trust the most basic problem of promotion even a Baidu to search the website what solve line? In addition to proper methods can quickly improve traffic, open a certain reputation, can also be you saved a lot of money and manpower cost.

The main way to promote

online is to let users know the links on the other parts of the network and access to your site and eventually become your site users.

so the first thing is to stand on the line as much as possible to establish Links with local website, but also through the classification of information in other stations or popular forum posts as much as possible to leave a link to your site. The post technique best not to site a web site user identity to send, such as "white-collar work due to transfer of leased single small apartment, monthly rent of 300 yuan, please see. (the information link), containing photos! "This information is very eye-catching, will bring a large number of clicks. Local QQ group is also a good promotional positions, however, the kind of propaganda is not lasting. At the beginning of our propaganda must be to establish a high quality for the purpose of the chain, the reason must be very clear. To maximize the search for local resources to establish the site of the chain, in addition to increase the search engine weight, they are highly coincident with your users, you can also bring a large number of high-quality target visitors. For example, Wuhan classified information network of our station with a PR6 link in the local place. After that, every day hundreds of IP traffic to the railway station, the effect is very good.

is not easy to find the link about new problems, yesterday met a friend to share for Links method is good, to find out the name of the person, as friends said: Yang brother, your site is very good, I also have a network of XXXX. Of course, in addition to your sincerity, your site quality and work must also have a reason to accept, do not look at a dumpster. If it is not, it’s worth spending some money, in high PR, snapshots quickly on the same site links, equivalent to open a door to search engine and users of the gate, money not only enter, when the pay should be decisive, they can bring more on you for the future

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