The formation of expectations for social media marketing and brand support

in our advertising company, formed a kind of logic and way, we call it "brand support". It means that the number of relationships that an organization can build. In brand support, companies use all marketing tools to achieve a lasting relationship with the orientation of the user, and adjust the user in the daily life of multiple points. It defines a number of potential relationships between the targeted consumers that can be established by the enterprise, and adjusts the relationship and the value of the participation activities in a timely manner. It integrates all the digital forms, such as search, display, e-mail, marketing automation, CRM, tracking and reporting into a single synchronization platform. A well executed brand support strategy, in turn, creates expectations for the customer and wants the customer to be loyal.

social media brand support

it is clear that social media marketing is increasingly becoming the center of the enterprise to build complex brand support platform. Why do companies, who participate in social media marketing to get friends, fans and followers of social access is to establish a closer, more stable access portal. However, we ask, fans emailed to subscribers of users, visitors to the site for the fans and followers to follow Twitter LinkedIn, email subscribers to user Facebook fans, the frequency of


adoption of brand support logic

to develop and maintain a true brand support, the need for an enterprise offline and online marketing activities attention shift. It is no longer just brand and impression, it is about access and participation, or support. It means the change of our marketing objectives, that is, the contact and exchange of targeted users to contact and support the directional user changes. In other words, we often ask, "how to build brand support"

brand support skills

in the brand support, how do you participate in customer expectations and? There are several techniques and methods: for knowledgeable tracking and reporting set Cookie, show your customers and customers really care about.

– in the integration of search and other forms of advertising is set to set a few Cookies, when the user is interested in what you are selling to access, to ensure that you can buy in the user to consider the duration of stay.

– in the user purchase period, use your current customers to re orientation, in order to improve the frequency of contact, deepen the relationship with the customer, so that they become repeat buyers and brand supporters.

– to encourage all forms of social access, including your expectations and customers into Facebook fans, twitter followers, Pinterest followers, LinkedIn followers, etc..

– make sure you have a strong incentive to connect your expectations and your customers with you.

– upgrade social access to email subscribers and connect them to marketing automation and CRM co>

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