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to create a website marketing blog marketing


now, blog marketing has become an important means of website promotion, a large proportion of the site marketing. In the use of blog marketing, first of all we want to know what is a blog, a simple definition, blog, is the network diary. Blog this kind of network log is usually open, can be free to publish their own diary, but also can read other people’s network log. Therefore, the blog can be said to be a platform for sharing personal thoughts. The so-called blog marketing is through the blog site or blog forum to make communication between bloggers and visitors, the use of personal knowledge, resources, the dissemination of commodity information marketing activities.

there are a lot of blog friends have such confusion "do not know what to write," this is a very normal phenomenon, the author has also experienced this stage, especially in the beginning of the blog. In fact, many blog topics are inadvertently think of in life and work, but unfortunately we did not bother to record, then forget to really want to write the business blog to write. Then, the author summed up an experience in peacetime to develop the habit of recording at any time when there is good, the content or the topic of blog marketing, took notes of the title and outline, and then aggregated to the notebook computer, Many a little make a mickle. Remember, inspiration is not always available, usually accumulation is very important.

I’ll share with you how to build your free marketing blog:

first choose a stable blog platform

here I recommend Sina blog, why choose Sina? Here I will not say. Because we all know that he is China’s largest blog site. We need to register an account in the above, to open my own blog, and then put their own blog page do pretty delicate, it can attract more people to step on your blog, to bring you more popular.

second increase blog attention

how to make people to pay attention to your blog? First, you must adhere to the timing of some post every day, Bowen content should be attractive, every day is the best for others to stay a little suspense, guide him every day on your blog. Second. If you want other people to pay attention to your blog, you should pay more attention to others. Allows your blog to bring a lot of attention. Third, many people go to the blog by this call each other. As long as you often go to care about others, others will often come to care about you. Especially in some stopping Hot Blog, remember to give yourself a sofa, this is also a good method to promote their own. Fourth, is to use some of the blog marketing software I don’t recommend you use this method, because it is very easy to be titles, so here I don’t have much. Here to introduce a blog marketing tips, when you write a blog, you can write sub themes, is a time to focus on writing >

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