WeChat circle of friends like a magazine media

recently advertised brother slightly empty, many fans are amateur do micro-blog number @ New Chongqing recruitment about out of chat, in addition to the individual "appearance Association" fans have to see the true capacity ideas after meeting down outside (ha ha, here to "outsourcing" you feel shy, ugly is not my fault); more traditional business owners, business volume is not universal, every business, a restaurant, a baby small chain, fruit coffee chain, single store, a kindergarten, a specialty business, a clothing electricity supplier, K12 class education and training, for everyone free sharing of specific methods of operation of Internet marketing at the same time, from the traditional business predecessors learned too much, the extension of the thousands of years of business, keep out is not the same person — wisdom.

had to recruit brother work at the end of 2012. Straighten out, boring as a preparatory – in micro-blog can make me free bragging published their views, then there are a bunch of people listening to the kind of experience, now can be achieved. Another feature of the recruitment account, free of charge to help enterprises solve the problem of the enterprise in the process of the operation of the Chongqing talent group is also the initial realization of the idea. Fans and businesses often find work for private messages, to recruit people, meet. Internet marketing practical method and then have the opportunity to popularize accumulated over the years, kuaizai.

is the next to elaborate the core content of the simple background, but also revealed a number of free resources, intentions to see you must understand.

contact these bosses, without exception, based on micro-blog WeChat’s marketing is very interested, especially for WeChat, a lot of their own shop to invest in WeChat. I want to say, why can not do WeChat public number, the public number article must use the computer, the computer you can carry? High efficiency? No, not high, mobile Internet era can not carry efficiency is not high and you play stupid! The public number one day to send dozens? Not by the public number? Stupid second times! The public number can real-time and convenient communication with the guests? No, because you can’t carry a computer by the public number? Stupid third times! The number of public open rate personal friends circle high No. what?. It is with the public number? Stupid fourth times! The reason why those institutions fudge you do WeChat public, because that he fooled you give money, or else he said to you, you can be a person, Jenna, you will definitely feel that this Ya ask you to tens of thousands of dollars is not worth doing the Internet is the Internet elite, have to say, after ten years of development, the pit is this group of elite dig deeper and deeper, do not dig deep there is more money, not to dig deep will you see through, you see what will give money. The only thing you can do is tell the truth, just believe it. The public number…. Do not want to say, say go on, read this article bosses have to be hit badly.

since it’s so stupid, can change an idea? Can you do WeChat personal name name + number, do idiot boss / just love no boss /% >

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