To novice Webmaster online money you ready

do you make money? You from a chain of the Commissioner, the website editor, SEO, network marketing personnel, now website operation specialist, why wages or more than 2 thousand yuan? At the side of the people earn money, your heart is always anxious, the same person gap why so big?


novice webmaster, always feel the pressure to enter the IT industry, always in the mood why he did not go into the Internet a little earlier, always walk the road of others, playing other people play outdated games. What are the reasons I think more because of the following:

first, are you ready for your technology?


sometimes, I would sigh, why I and others do the same thing, others do effect is underlined, and do their own do not see a little effect. So, I began to ponder, what kind of method to achieve this effect.

finally, I finally found the reason. The hair of the chain time, others in writing the original article; write their own time, others open their own personal blog; own blog time, others have started from the media marketing. While he mixed a few years, my so-called will artists, is handling a few pictures only; their so-called will program, is to download a template build just; their so-called network marketing, also is in the QQ group, forum platform to send an ad and has.

original, their general technology in general, and others than just a rookie. Therefore, the novice webmaster, do not use the fickleness of the heart to treat the work of life. The result of your impetuous life is to deceive you, work to abandon you. You don’t think overnight, they are to cheat and fool you as a child, young people can be


you have to do is to learn the basic skills, accumulate more experience. The Internet can a huge burst of energy that are concentrated practice for many years, lay a solid foundation. In the end is in exchange for a lot of hardcore fans, the accumulation of a large number of human resources. So, you do not worry, calm down to do their own thing, I believe you will be able to come out.

second, are you ready for your thought?


recently, some people add my QQ or WeChat (iyanju), the old asked me a let not the answer to the question: "I am a novice, I should learn from what?", a friend, where are you from school I can decide this? Are you doing SEO? Or do network marketing or? Do business specialist?……

do you have your own ideas? From this question, I can see that you are a fickle person. Maybe some people will feel wronged, "