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chat recently and many circles of friends, will find a common problem: the site PR up, profit model since that I want a good, but in the end is to look for the end user fees. This is why now advertising station, why advertising alliance is popular, for end users to collect money, the whole flow of the webmaster can only be forced to start, then crazy hanging advertising, to charge the enterprise. So the network marketing, why can find user fees so difficult? Or through the form of the website how so difficult to let people pay? David Beckham in his company’s website, also deeply appreciate this point, so the reason for all of this

in where?

1 domestic users need to cultivate network payment habits. Now we have every day in the network marketing, but look at the real profit is through the end users of the site, is the basic type of e-commerce, such as online shopping mall, etc., is typical of the Jingdong and Taobao. Most of the rest of the site is profitable, through advertising. The e-commerce site, it is still the essence of physical, physical products to buy, the only difference is the product from the physical store to the internet. This is the Chinese consumer habits of Internet users are in fact very consistent, the idea of a penny a piece of goods in the online shopping has also been a true reproduction. But the characteristics of network marketing is the product diversification, is not confined to the physical product, more is in service, information service, service function of products, these products are non entity, strange to the terminal users, they subconsciously consider whether it is worth the money invested, (because not buy physical products, but some the virtual things invisible), they need more time to think, to observe. In particular, the network is now more so that it is very cautious network investment.

2 super strong Internet can be copied, can be replaced. For example, everyone knows the four portals, all of the features you have I have, I have you do not lack. The only difference is that your user viscosity high, my user viscosity high. This is the Internet is a double-edged sword, it can make a wretch slowly (such as the recent hot copycat successful domestic network group purchase, the typical American Groupon a copycat), can also make a large website slowly lonely (for example the famous SNS website recently declared bankruptcy 360 times). This needs to be done to spend the mind of the people, how to make their own barriers to competition, to make irreplaceable, to make non transcendence. Frankly, it is difficult, but do network marketing, we must work hard in this regard, it is difficult to pick up.

network marketing, we are concerned about the topic, but also very creative and creative topics. It is the bottleneck of China’s national conditions, and the characteristics of the internet. In these two articles, more than their own as the end consumer, if they are willing to spend for this site, the basic even half of success.

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