Use of the Mid Autumn Festival to rapidly improve the site traffic

Mid Autumn Festival approaching, the network is a hot mid autumn festival. The operator for any one of the Internet to web marketing or use rapid increase website traffic visibility of the Mid Autumn Festival Mid Autumn Festival with this program, use the mid autumn festival website marketing example on too much, including what the moon cake and moon cake sales, group purchase, A5 above the host group purchase to send moon cake and so on, all with marketing the topics related with the Mid Autumn Festival will be, can be a fire, it can be said that marketing programs have become more and more important, either online or offline, and wants to help the sales and marketing programs to expand brand awareness. However, for some non sales website program for the website is a traffic problem, traffic related to the value of advertising, which also affects the income of the website, the main focus of this thesis is discussing how to use all kinds of marketing network and the Mid Autumn Festival, is how to aid the Mid Autumn Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival this traditional show the rapid increase site traffic.

use the traditional festival of the Mid Autumn Festival to improve the flow of the site is nothing more than the contents of the above efforts. Is the first thing you have to do with the Mid Autumn Festival, and then use these content with a number of technical or non-technical means, and then analyze some of the needs of users in this stage, so as to bring traffic to the site. In this process, there are two main kinds of promotion methods can be used, is a kind of viral transmission, another is the SEO program. Here to talk about how to use these two methods for the site to bring a lot of traffic.

1 viral. This is any program can be used, not necessarily to use the mid autumn festival. It is a way to promote the occasion. We know that China is a state of ceremonies, festivals all have to cross the benediction, with the development of information technology, SMS, network has become the main way of blessing, because SMS media, network has now become the main way of blessing. Blessing mail, blessing QQ expression, or a site dedicated to the blessing also came into being. Bless message blessing QQ expression theme can be limited, and the creation of space is relatively large, if you come up with a more creative idea, by other people spread probability is very large, and now the situation IM, micro-blog group mail, etc. then can be developed, within a short period of time can spread to the Internet that is, before the VANCL VANCL style the same, only the possibility of being creative, communication is greatly increased, and is conducive to the spread of the festival stage, we will is very strong, therefore, a careless fire.

2 Mid Autumn Festival SEO. The Mid Autumn Festival is an occasion of SEO promotion. Because the Mid Autumn Festival is coming, everyone’s life is always with the Mid Autumn Festival related topics, such as the mid autumn blessing SMS, autumn blessing language, the origin of the Mid Autumn Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival Mid Autumn Festival moon cake hand mobile phone theme, content selection and so on, our website can according to user behavior, predict user behavior, then according to these users optimize the behavior and the content of the website.