The content of the railway station and extended to racing together bridle to bridle

following a few days ago in the ADMIN5 published an article, I am willing to do a grassroots webmaster, the article, here for the novice webmaster, combined with their own experience, now talk about the content and promotion of new sites.

Enrich and promote

website content is also regarded as the webmaster and regular action sing the same old song, 100 play not tire of. I believe we all know, the content and the promotion, the two are complementary, in order to make the site racing together bridle to bridle to better develop. Nonsense not to say, here with the novice webmaster said my little experience:

1, enrich the content of the site. Content positioning to accurately focus, which is very critical, because the site’s content strategy will directly affect the effect of website promotion. New sites just on-line, it is best to be original or false original works are mostly, because the search engines like some other stations do not have, unique information, so as to better reflect the value of both sides. Do not have too much content, manually divided each day, 10 a few information on the line, do not collect. The site is updated every day to adhere to, let search engine and user every day a new dish to share.

2, website promotion. The way is now a variety of dazzling, how to choose a good promotion for their own website, but also a headache. The new station should choose Links as a breakthrough in the promotion, to some of the more famous webmaster forum (such as ADMIN5) or related website posting, have to choose being included in the search engine website, this benefit everyone is to search the spider as can be imagined, know you exist.

remember, the above two work to be carried out, insist on doing well, so your site basically have a good start, I wish you good luck!

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