How to use Baidu know to promote their website

is now a lot of keywords ranking is generally related to the things in front of Baidu, such as Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu dictionary, etc.. Because Baidu’s stuff so they ranked in front, then how to use Baidu know how to promote their own products, the following specific Baidu know how to use.

, said

this is very old-fashioned, I believe we all used. For example, someone would, in Baidu know question "how to learn" and then optimize after a few minutes, or yourself or ask the people they are familiar with, for a number of answers, finally adopted as the best answer.

two, the use of long tail keywords

here to pay attention to a certain way to ask questions. So what should we do? We must work hard on the questions and the questions. We want to think from the point of view of users, thinking about what users will usually use the long tail keywords search, and then we want to analyze the matching degree of keywords. For example, how to choose the electrical appliances "the long tail keywords, using the first method to answer the best answer, finally provide products to provide users with more direct, so let users understand the product, but also allow more users to search the word got to know the answer, and know your company’s technical strength, the formation of a product to you trust.

three, cited spider

I now do a new station, the author knows a lot of questions in Baidu, when the spider will naturally grab access to your site, which is also a lot of previous SEOER test methods. Baidu know that in a very short period of time to allow the spider crawling your site.

four, improve flow

Baidu know also can bring a lot of traffic, long ago, the author made a podcast website, then I just answered a "free podcast" questions, then answer may be luck, my answer will soon be named the best answer. Then every day I can get more than 1 thousand IP through this problem. This method is now used in many webmasters, the effect is also very obvious.

Baidu know the most severe punishment is to delete your web site or account number, you have to do all the work before all white waste. So in the promotion of Baidu need to do moderate. Baidu know each column is not more than 3 accounts. No more than 10 questions a day, more than 15 are dangerous.

finally to illustrate is that we use Baidu know should use the user experience, so as to attract users to your site. No matter what kind of site we do, the user experience should be placed in the first place, this is the Internet users and search engines are very fond of the site.

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