Talking about the promotion of Taobao QQ group

may be a lot of people to see this title will be dizzy, QQ group can also promote Taobao guest? Is it a mass of software with the overwhelming majority of advertising here I tell you, QQ group to promote Taobao customers is a skill. Can not blindly go. So today I would have to use the QQ group to promote the method of Taobao share to everyone.

first, let’s talk about their own QQ group to promote the establishment of Taobao. Specifically how to build QQ group, where I will no longer explain. I believe everyone will. Mainly talk about what type of QQ group, how to operate the QQ group. In fact, do QQ group promotion Taobao customers, I think we must do high commission products, such as weight loss, breast enhancement, acne. Because of this kind of products we will be able to earn a single to tens of dollars to one hundred yuan. This greatly increases the overall income. OK, I’ll take this type of weight loss group for example.

, for example, set up a group called "happy weight loss". Our account itself is administrator. Just started not to add to our real target customers, on the other hand, if we are customers, into a group, see group only administrators themselves, then who will not stay in this group. Preparatory work is: apply for a large number of QQ every day. (of course is done for all join this vest) "happy" diet group. About 100 people can add. (here we recommend the opening of QQ members, you can open super group). So we have completed the preparatory work.

may have a friend will ask, and so many of their own trumpet, is not to all log on the line ah, in fact, do not use, we only log on the 10 QQ number on the line. This is the 10 to enter the online QQ number is not to let the real target customers suspicious do. So then we have to find the target customers, but where to find? This problem is not difficult, of course is to lose weight in the most intensive areas, such as some large forum community women to lose weight, and mint woman net and so on. Into these forums it is best to register their own account for a period of time. This can prevent administrators and moderators to delete posts. The account reaches a certain level, (usually two or three days will be able to do so) we started advertising, advertising is such: "recently discovered a special discussion to lose weight after I join the QQ group, and learned a lot of knowledge. Here to share with your sisters. "Remember that the ad with its own QQ group. So see this post customers will automatically join. Every time we join a customer, we will T a small. So when people in the group rose to more than and 100, we also almost cleared the trumpet. Remember to leave about 10 small vest. As for what to do, I’ll talk about it.

this happy weight group has gathered more than and 100 of our target customers, of course, the latter can continue to join. We began to get angry on the trumpet vest in the group. For example, with 1 questions: > vest

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