The latest progress in the case of e leasing treasure nvestor identity audit completed


technology news June 15th afternoon news recently, the public security organs "e rent treasure case group announced that the public security organs have been completed on the identity of the investor information audit and feedback results, not approved investors may submit the application for review from June 13, 2016 to July 13th.

announcement also pointed out that the previously unregistered investors can register information, the public security organs will be based on the registration of the audit and feedback.

it is reported that the case of illegal fund-raising Investor Information Registration Platform on the line in February 13th, and first of all, e rent treasure and its associated companies suspected of illegal fund-raising case investors open. May 13, 2016, e official registration deadline for the registration of treasure investors.

according to the statutory deadline, the latest public security organs should be completed in July investigation, transferred to the prosecution to deal with, as early as October will be the first instance verdict. (Xu Li)

is the following announcement:

sincerely thanks to the majority of the "e rental treasure" case of investors to participate in the registration work and support. After careful review, the audit and the application for review of the requirements of the notice is as follows:

a, audit

(I) identity audit. The information registered by the investor includes identity information (i.e. registration information) and investment information. At present, the public security organs have completed the audit of identity information, feedback is now the audit results of identity information. Confirmed by the Audit Department of the case of investors (including investment "e rent treasure" and "sesame finance"), feedback "pass"; otherwise, the feedback is not".

(two) investment information audit. Combining various information, data and other judicial audit. After the completion of the judicial audit, will be additional feedback on the audit of investment information.

(three) related issues. Some investors registered information has the following problems:

1, no name or certificate number;

2, fill in the name, certificate number is not true or not;

3, registered "registration information", did not click "submit audit";

4, unregistered investment information.

two, apply for review

(a) application review period: June 13, 2016 to July 13th.

(two) to apply for a review of the scope of the audit: the identity of the feedback is not approved investors.

(three) application for review: investors through the case registration system to operate and submit the application for review.

(four) notes


1, apply for a review period, registered investors (including identity audit "through" and "through") can modify the registration information, but the identity of the audit by the investor cannot modify the registered "name", "ID number" and "mobile phone"

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