The success of network strategy online promotion is the key

      to give a lot of friends in 07 years sigh: your goods carefully selected, the price reasonable, but not what is their popularity in the Taobao shop, spent much of the price offered is not what the independent store orders, although many sellers in the online shop before you accumulate a lot of consulting skills, understanding of the electronic commerce logistics, even resign do give full-time, but in the Taobao online success is so few, most of the network is still in the exploration and struggle

      in fact, now the most important is the human spirit, in the Taobao community can see a large number of network operators in Q: why customers do not come to my shop? The bird said: "not to hear what other people come to your shop?" Everything has a person if you want to touch the antecedents and consequences, browsing in the store as a blind cat with dead mouse, as well as to distribute leaflets effect is more obvious.

      network online promotion is the key to success, because we do is the network marketing, so all the promotion mode to network marketing on

fully rely on the power of Taobao

      then how to say, we also rely mainly on shop business, how to say, is the top ten Asian community, how to say, has a mature operation and huge funds, so we have to shop, as the basis for promotion.

      many people said: "we sit in Taobao online every day, ah, how those community propaganda, we see the fast back out, we can do it yourself, or is the lack of time, or do not what effect

      in fact, the bird found a lot of publicity in method is not suitable for all people, just two examples, this article introduces the experience of writing, not some writing skills, it is difficult to write, but also accumulated a lot of experience, but also to continue to the top post, in fact, it is very effective, at least many friends will directly face the struggle for you, so for you, in fact, can also make a lot of good friends, if potential customers to see your article, you can quickly get to know you, and trust you.

      so that the net friend bird in Taobao, you can write articles to write, if you can not write, grab before the third floor, try to grab, otherwise it is difficult to have a lot of publicity, the main purpose is to grab the building to let others see your signature, then sign advertising a to set the eye-catching (about how to set a signature, bird in their website shop Chinese specifically talked about this issue, interested friends can go to the shop to see China.)


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