Small and medium enterprises how to promote enterprise website


many small and medium-sized enterprise marketing mode, the utilization of the website more and more, from the website of small and medium-sized enterprises without a series of publicity planning activities, will improve the site’s traffic, thus wasted cyber source and investment, therefore, SMEs must promote their website by a variety of channels, so that more consumers familiar with the enterprise website. So, how small and medium enterprises to promote corporate Web site in this era of rapid consumption of the Internet, which measures should be taken to promote corporate website


1, the traditional mode of advertising

traditional media advertising is one of the main battlefield of enterprise marketing, can not relax recently, through product packaging, name card and all may be used for communication activities, can be printed corporate Web site, so let enterprise website easier to get exposure. Many small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve the ultimate in the traditional marketing mode, unified enterprise employees and clothing, prints the enterprise web site, let more users know the day. More is to participate in large-scale related meetings, through the characteristics of clothing to attract the public eye.

2, cooperate with the well-known website


for the establishment of small and medium-sized enterprise website, want to make the site better reflect its value, it must cooperate with some well-known websites such as machine: Tencent, Sina, Sohu, with their own platform advantages, good reputation for powerful propaganda, the usual case is to use soft Wen form enterprise characteristics of enterprise website and product key into it, or a business banner advertisement.

The use of

3, SEM

with the rapid development of the Internet, search engine users have been rising rapidly, more and more users through the search engine to understand the product performance, price and other related, so there are a lot of potential users in the search engines, small and medium enterprises to better promote enterprise website, so the need for marketing by SEM, especially to grasp and SEO PPC, pay promotion and free promotion has great value, whether long or short are of inestimable value.

4, online advertising

want a more powerful corporate website publicity, we must take the initiative to attack. The most important way is to put ads on the site of the higher visibility, and better able to lock the current market. Of course, these high-profile sites on the cost of non light, sometimes not cost-effective. In addition to such charges online advertising, you can also participate in a number of free advertising traffic exchange program to achieve mutual benefit and win-win. More often, often through public service activities can quickly establish a good reputation, to better promote the corporate website out, so that enterprises get more attention to the crowd, to achieve continuous marketing reputation.

5, online community advocacy


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