Live do not step on the pit to hear how to say

in 2016 the Internet’s biggest hurricane, blowing to the video broadcast industry. Countless entrepreneurs pouring this outlet, and the channel to rise directly to a high position. However, compared to two years ago has entered many familiar road pioneer who, start-up researchers not only to stride forward to catching up with the former, and each step point must be accurate, because as long as a careless step into the hole in the road, and then stand up and catch up can be difficult.

so, how can a small step or not on the pit? Last month, the new leader of star domain professional CDN service providers publish live new, Roundtable Conference, vice president of marketing, Chen Ming VR, Li Qiang GoGal, founder of TV tentacles qualified CEO to the country Yi such as a public video broadcast over are given the following opinions:


fast broadcast technology in the pit, the user experience cannot miss

"the first start-up companies have to face is the direct seeding technology of pit, Yi said the country. However, in the pit, he and the other man live community consensus is: don’t get around, but to fill it with the fastest speed, because of the live technology concerning the most deadly user experience. How fast fill their advice on entrepreneurs? Is to find reliable partner to help CDN.

compared to the first entrants who have been hard to explore, today’s live startups are much luckier. CDN partners in the field of cloud service provider platform and innovative professional CDN, especially the latter force, fill the pit technology work for the first time become easy. Star domain CDN especially for the video industry to create a new live for the first time, video capture, upload, storage, distribution, transcoding, integration of all aspects of play solution for entrepreneurs to do is its fast and convenient access.

reliable CDN live technical support to solve the optimization of the user experience pain points, this is over VR, TV and GoGal, the tentacles qualified consistent reason in CDN space. The latter is unique in the whole network detection, intelligent network, parallel transmission and weak network acceleration and high technique live top, make the main mobile broadcast business tentacles TV can also smooth live in the worst spot network, GoGal. This is realized in the global network and different scenarios "second, opened the first screen HTTP and real-time interactive 2S less than the real delay", for testing VR, CDN space first help "day peak of 180 thousand 3D broadcast platform to achieve a smooth live experience", and "VR, is helping more products and content to the consumer".

good cost control, burn mode is not fun

are playing live to burn, but only the cost control, the way to go in the long run, this is over their second piece of advice. In order to occupy the total cost of about 40% of the total cost – bandwidth costs, for example, a medium sized broadcast companies to burn tens of millions of monthly bandwidth costs, and the end of the tour

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