The steps and methods of network promotion

is a new process with my promotion today, for everyone to talk about

, steps and methods of network promotion

said the first promotion, in my mind, the promotion is nothing more than that in the shortest possible time, do everything possible to disseminate information to other sites on the.

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, who can do, difference is that the master is simple, novice trouble only

however, everything must be done in the right way, in order to harvest

many webmaster friends asked me why I get up early every day on the dark, tired of fire, also not to the


well, I’m going to ask you, how long did it take you to do


do not be a burden of no effort, completely futile

said that some time ago to promote a new case I

I was in November to do a new station, dedicated to collect some hot information, but also worried about how to promote,

I was in the mail, see the Yahoo collection, just opened soon, or try it

effect is very good, the day IP on the 7000-8000 more than

then crazy to submit content to Yahoo, website IP is very high

after about two weeks, suddenly found that IP began to fall down, I do not want to

daily high and low, stable at more than 4 thousand

at this time, would like to put it AD, choose to choose to do ALI, I did not expect, just put two days, IP straight off

less than a week, Yahoo collection of 100IP is not enough, during this period, I still submit,

do Yahoo this time, the conclusion is, for a content aggregation station, do not over submit, appropriate,

put advertising alliance, first look at your station IP, which search to more, then do not do what

because of this lesson, when I focus on other web station is to pay attention to

then, I started using bbmao, when it was submitted 50 articles a day, I continued for several days, the effect is not good,

, however, I found that when I submitted the new content, Baidu second days on the collection, which gave me a little comfort

now, I also don’t in those with portal or bovine B network station to submit content, put one or two occasionally,

is now mainly focused on energy, and those who have just opened a new network near the station,

basic this day will bring me 10>

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