Hospital brand marketing is not a short duration of time space fun QQ

said QQ space, presumably you are aware of this platform, QQ space and, almost all the properties of Tencent net friend, before can be classified in SNS marketing, and wrote several articles on SNS marketing article Sun Chen, if you are interested, can do some deep research and study. Today, Sun Chen is a among them, QQ space, QQ space hospital fun brand marketing is not a short duration of time under the shortcomings, can add my QQ exchange.

QQ brand marketing is not a short duration of time

a lot of people brand marketing in the use of QQ space, hope is soon to see the effect, however, the interaction of space, it is difficult to have rapid effect, and the hospital is a special industry, is not updated every day can have effect. In this article, I searched a lot of articles for the QQ space marketing is just a log, comments, forwarding and so on. Here, I would like to remind that these are just updates, not marketing.

what is the real marketing


real marketing is the need to step by step to do the details of the plan, not to say that there is little information about the interaction can be. So, if the QQ space brand marketing is not a short duration of time to be completed, to share some details below, QQ space of brand marketing, only do the details is the first step in real marketing.

1, focus on hospital brand and image marketing.

what is the hospital brand image marketing? Then you have to do is let the user login QQ space, you need to let the user feel that you are in a hospital, and is not a fool of the space. We are doing the official website of the hospital, as long as the atmosphere to do, to do meaningful, then, QQ space marketing is the same.

2, QQ space layout control, simple but not enough.


modern people are more like the idea of simple beauty, for example, what the beauty of simplicity, it will give people a visual impact. However, simplicity is not an entrance. Say a more realistic example. A friend and I said to take a look at the photos, and then I told him, I said to look at the space, the results, he looked for a while and I can not find. I log on to their own space page was found, because the QQ space is too simple navigation hidden, but I did not take into account this problem, so I did not find the entrance.

only from this point, we can see is that you really have to consider the user? Users come to your QQ space are not they want to point navigation, to see what to do? QQ space marketing is not difficult, the key lies in whether you care about the details of the marketing


3, why let the user into your space?

I open Q> every day

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