Website promotion method experience sharing Forum promotion

Forum promotion advantages:

1 can bring back high weight links;

2 because the target customer base is accurate, gathered, can bring more potential users:

Forum promotion shortcomings:

1 post limit direct export link;

2 post ID forum to promote easy sealing; we can not blindly, to find the first one forum gas Wang, then find the most interested in the topic, and then give a reason, let these people to browse the content on your site. There is also speculation to mean. Not just to post in the forum. This will only make time.

a successful Forum promotion includes the following:

first, select the forum

1 popularity;

2 has its own potential customers;

3 has the signature function, can write export links;

4 has a modified function

second, article content editor

1 to create an eye-catching title of the article, to arouse the curiosity of the browser. For example: "Xi Li Ge is the son of Baidu CEO";

The content of

2 to controversial, let netizens argue with each other, you will. And relevant to the content and the theme of the forum, otherwise irrelevant are ID;

3 the content should be consistent with the website Guan Jian word of their own, and not just to get a lot of text, with a link to the home page, that will only be the search engine that is spam links, thereby affecting the website weight;

4 content to appear in the Guan Jian word, the location requirements: the first paragraph, the middle, the tail.

Guan Jian appeared to be bold

5 content of the article, it is important to tell the word search engine, and add anchor text links to our own promotion ", of course this forum to see whether Limited export link.

forum, third.

posted 1

at the forum for some reply rate is very high, modify title, perfect the contents of other forums to get posted, remember to form their own website URL and Guan Jian word in the post tail plus advertisement. (the spring of last year, I saw a man in the write spring buying experience to share, I have posted in the NetEase, and the NetEase home that several days give me a website every day brings thousands of IP traffic).

2 advertising to clever

do not start Post published on advertising, this card is very easy to be as a poster to delete, how to do? You can use long hair, hair in the back keep abreast of advertising in general will not be deleted.


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