Build marketing team is the way out of e commerce

recently, I received many telephone network company salesman, mainly to sell their business, do network promotion to help small and medium enterprises, such as SEO optimization, Baidu snapshots, keyword ranking, paid advertising and so on. As a result, some of my thinking has been raised: where is the direction of e-commerce for SMEs?

with the development of the electricity supplier is more and more mature, the market with a large number of small and large network services, and help enterprises to do some promotion, help enterprises to do some SEO optimization, and help enterprises to do marketing planning. In a word, it makes me feel like a mess. Many small and medium enterprises in the past did not look at the electricity supplier, but over time, more and more traditional small and medium enterprises began to focus on the development of network marketing this piece of. This has long been a lot of network service company’s survival and development space, at the same time, also caused a lot of problems: because they do almost all low-end services, so the competition is fierce, often play price war. The results of many of these services were more and more bad.

actually, even Baidu before those web services business competition in the electricity supplier services visible! More fierce! Since 360, Ali cloud search search out the new "a situation of tripartite confrontation" search situation, forcing Baidu to run the market, telemarketing business…


in spite of access to the Internet is not a very long time, more than two years, but knows the unspoken rule. Because of this, so there will be a number of chaotic market price war, some even more outrageous is that its bid was higher than 50% of the industry. I asked, why do you charge so high, but he replied, because we have good service, good quality, good ability. I said, NO, NO, NO! I think that can be over priced in the industry, the first is to have a certain strength, in addition to have a super high reason so that customers can not refuse! That is to say, what do you charge such a high cost, you have to have a let people see feeling, reason, and the reason that the customer can not refuse to


I think, why companies charge prices so high? On the one hand from the many small and medium enterprises boss most was born in 60s, in such networks do not understand, but the network marketing to a morbid curiosity or need to cheat two. On the other hand, many network services company based on the profit for the purpose of using false hype, deception, marketing means to seize the market, get rich! You can say that many enterprises in the not traded before you, almost every day to call you, after you receive the money, you will know the results you get is not the case also, at present? Network hype, in layman’s view surface is very beautiful, you can cheat two. In essence, if you ask them to take two strokes really skill, this time you will see what the results are

well, I don’t say much, say more, may hurt some network service company. However >

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