How to make the site access to break through the bottleneck

first, of course, is to focus on content pull. Content not only to the original, but also to the new, that is, keep up with the trend. Because the hot topic is the eternal theme, we have to take a lot of download stations, but now, the new download station is still emerging. So long as you have always will have you fixed the visitors, but if you build it flat and tasteless, the same download station, what other people here? So we do popular websites must be more careful when major news, such as recent pornographic and violent events, close attention the topic, look at the top fifty websites, which now know what users want to see, these are all good material, taking the successful experience of others, their own independent opinion and ideas with them, fully integrated with your "home", as a result, you the site will be out of the ordinary, with appropriate promotion, your site must have counter.

second, should pay attention to word of mouth publicity. Word of mouth publicity is very important, personal ability is limited, personal webmaster do stand, technology, promotion, do is you, busy here busy there, so word of mouth publicity is very important. I had a chat with a friend, suddenly found that they are on the, I asked: how do you know this site, they replied: is someone told him. Through a friend to a friend, a friend told him around the people, a website to promote the. I asked: why do you 51? Answer: because it’s fun, they can do things. I asked: you can write a lot of things ah, a lot of BOKE and Baidu space can be written, ah, why do you like to write here? Answer: because you can paste photos here, many people visit, they will leave a message. From these answers, I know why people are willing to help you with your word of mouth because they get the attention here. So if you want word of mouth, please note that you are not paying attention to your customers.

third, to do the difference. The difference of the website includes 2 aspects, one is the website design, the content has its own characteristic, the difference and the same type website. Another aspect is that visitors should be treated differently. Frequently accessed, you can have more privileges than ordinary visitors, the following quote from the edge of the person to explain:

I these two days in doing this, I put some good stuff on the web page to hide, so that only special users can see, many of US users of this particular call him VIP, we can give a contribution to the visitor only they see, while others do not see things.

then you have to be interested in what you can’t see and want to see, so you have to consider the object of your site’s visitors.

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