Examples of how to use the Olympic Games Dongfeng micro blog marketing

Because micro-blog

achieved great success in foreign countries, in 09 years the social system into the domestic attracted many domestic Internet heavyweights compete, there are several famous micro-blog platform, do the most successful number of sina micro-blog. With the development of micro-blog, followed by the rise of micro-blog marketing. Because micro-blog marketing is still a relatively young means of marketing, many companies are feeling the stones across the river to explore micro-blog marketing. I also have a business for some time, the following author through an example of how to use the Olympic Games to micro-blog’s marketing model micro-blog.

one: forward micro-blog gift or lottery mode


we see this picture micro-blog micro-blog micro-blog is sending a message with the gift of a marketing model. Forwarding sent fee, a simple operation can win it, certainly will cause a lot of fans crazy reproduced. This is a micro-blog marketing model is often the most attractive, micro-blog forwarding trivial, the click of a mouse, and can get a gift or have the opportunity to draw, this mode will often cause a lot of forwarding fans, because micro-blog’s propagation speed is amazing. Enterprises need to launch a relatively attractive prizes, as long as they can fully attract fans, often able to make enterprises in a short time to get a lot of corporate brand promotion. But everything has its advantages and disadvantages, when the content of our micro-blog fans forwarding is purely for the prize, the target user is not accurate, even many forwards "award specialist", took the prize, and no actual conversion rate, so that our marketing effect will be greatly reduced. Strictly speaking, this kind of micro-blog marketing model is a relatively radical model, although you can quickly see the effect, but the effect is limited. Nevertheless, we can see that many companies still prefer to use this micro-blog marketing model.

two: micro-blog content cleverly insert advertising content


on the map we see is a popular with the Olympic Games Phelps to sell their own products micro-blog. Just as our common TV placed advertising that, we can also design the appropriate advertising cleverly in our micro-blog information. Some people might say that a micro-blog is only about 140 words. How can we arrange advertising advertising placement, actually need not only limited in the text, we can use the video advertising content, images and other forms of. With the help of a picture can attract fans attention is worth your thousands and thousands of words. Of course, this model has some limitations, it is that we have some innovations in product placement in time of need also to be able to grasp the degree of excessive or obvious ads tend to cause resentment fans, but will have the opposite effect.

three: through real-time hot topic to do micro-blog marketing

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