Restore the real micro blog marketing

always wanted to write about the micro-blog marketing content, in 2012 November, I met 18 Internet practitioners, we decided to do such a thing, then we each division, assigned three micro-blog account, then the nearly 60 accounts for as long as 10 days of data tracking, and the data tracking results are analyzed, so this series of articles, to restore the true micro-blog marketing. The reason for such a problem, because we found that many people understand the micro-blog marketing is biased.

to restore the real micro-blog Marketing – 18 Internet practitioners data tracking results for 10 days (I)

I contacted micro-blog very early, but micro-blog is very late, 09 years, Sina micro-blog beta, when a friend invited me to my Sina registered (because they have number of tasks, each need to invite many complete), and I became China contact Sina micro-blog earlier a group of people. Unfortunately, at that time, I can not look at micro-blog, because I was learning the traditional marketing, I think the first thing to pass the message to the target audience enough information, 140 words can be passed to limit what?

but by the beginning of 2011, I suddenly found that micro-blog marketing a thriving scene, so in the first half of 2011 when the re registration of micro-blog, and began to carefully study. Although playing time is not long, but I am very hard to see a lot of information on micro-blog marketing and books. Fortunately, I did not blindly go but a combination of economics and management majors read hastily and without thinking, knowledge of traditional marketing theory and the system of their own understanding of the interpretation of the deeper understanding of the current situation of marketing of micro-blog. And, happily, in 2012 November, I got 18 enthusiastic Internet practitioners support, together with my tracking nearly 60 micro-blog account, there is grass, stars, media, reds, on these accounts for as long as 10 days of data analysis.

on this basis, I combine my own in these days to micro-blog marketing awareness, only with this book today, only with this series of courses. There is no profound theory, we just hope that through their own understanding of the operation of micro-blog and micro-blog marketing, let more personal or business owners can use this tool to achieve good micro-blog, personal or corporate marketing objectives.

1 in the end what is micro-blog

perhaps the problem is really hard to understand, some people say that micro-blog is a social application, some people say that micro-blog is a reduced version of the blog, it was said that micro-blog is a media…… What is micro-blog,



(micro-blog is really a smaller version of the blog?)

1.1 micro-blog is really a reduced version of the blog

what is micro-blog, >

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