Product into small my website promotion method

                  contact network for many years, experienced from the initial QQ to chat, watch movies, read news, write some text submitted to the literary website to the end to the literary community and BBS forum and the master Paizhuan melee. On the Internet so mix three years also mixed to many famous BBS owner status, but also more than a year of editing in the literature website. Last year, the withdrawal of the network of rivers and lakes and the idea of a netizen in Chengdu that you are in the network service years melee in someone else’s position, to fight to kill eventually is to mix a small officer in others position (Ban Zhu). Now that there is the idea of retirement is not as set up their own one of their positions (a site), experience watching others in their melee positions on the feeling behind the scenes. Listen to the words of a netizen in Chengdu, I feel very reasonable, but I have not done the site, in the construction site in this area less knowledge. Chengdu friends say you will not start from the most simple to learn ah. So I do learn to read, and finally in this month made a simple website (, with almost hao123.

After making the

site, a little proud of feeling, because after all, the first time to do a website, and belong to their own. The site is mainly for students. But then I feel very frustrated and depressed, because there is no community several people missing, all lonely desolate lifeless, Chengdu friends call me a traffic statistics code in IP number statistics every day not more than 18. I said that if things go on like this website will not give up on the website of Chengdu users, or. Chengdu friends listened to laugh, and then sent him to build a website for me to see. I opened his web site to see, the popularity is very good, light forum at the same time there are more than 1 thousand and 500 people online. So I asked him why he had so many people on the site and I didn’t have a few. He said that after the site to do publicity, where there are people waiting to visit it? Finally, he suggested that I go to the webmaster network to see, he said there are a lot of excellent Adsense promotion method, I was there to learn how to promote their website.

listen to the recommendations of the users of Chengdu I spent a lot of time to look at the webmaster forum website promotion method, plus a lot of webmaster QQ communicate with them. A few weeks later I summed up a set of promotion methods:


                                      choose a simple and very easy to remember domain name, I put the first friends of both long and difficult to remember the domain name change, apply for this domain > 7kaoshi

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