KEA is how to tell a good story with video

video is one of IKEA’s core content marketing methods.

Alia Kemet told the company to show itself in the real picture, not just to the customer. When she first came to work at IKEA, she set a goal to expand information by telling a story that is more powerful than commercial advertising.

in order to make full use of the power of video, Alia created the project is mainly concerned about the customer itself, as well as challenges to their interior design. Tell the story of IKEA in an interesting, educational and inspiring way. They also carried out a series of market segments, from adults to seniors, to college students, or to single people, to build their first home, or even businesses.

Alia said that the story can encourage people to participate in the video to share their IKEA story. The word of mouth communication makes the story more extensive. IKEA is not just selling products, it is selling to help people improve the quality of life solutions.

good products require a high level of planning and cooperation.

IKEA takes into account the need for a lot of complex programs, Alia and her team spent 3 months planning a year to implement the program, and then the rest of the time focused on the implementation of the plan. This program is a paid-owned-earned-media (pay media – owned media – earned media) approach, based on this, when activities and new products from IKEA to enter the market must be consistent. Activity development is closely related to consumer insight, the company tirelessly to collect and analyze the work. Each activity must be approved by the chief executive officer and the chief marketing officer.

test the effectiveness of video storytelling based on the growth rate of the visible target population, as well as to strengthen or change the concept of the target population. Consumers watch IKEA YouTube channel survey is real-time. This real-time feedback is more conducive to Alia at any time to adjust the activity plan, as emotional changes, as far as possible to ensure that the activities are related.

because of the various agencies involved in the Alia project, she said teamwork is essential. "I found that when we set clear goals, the agencies worked very well together." In order to ensure clear, Alia and her team created a ARC document (Accountable, Responsible, Contributors), directly defines who is responsible for this project from the strategic level, who is responsible for the task, and different participant roles.


ARC document, along with the project brief, provides advice for collaboration and invites sharing ideas. It also establishes key performance indicators, so everyone knows the expected results of the project. Alia says the quality of teamwork makes the project a success.

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