On the four realms of network marketing

network marketing (On-line Marketing or E-Marketing) is based on the Internet, a new marketing approach to the use of digital information and network media interactive to help achieve marketing objectives. Such as the neighboring network that network marketing is the most intuitive understanding of customer centric, network oriented, in order to achieve business objectives and a series of marketing activities. For different enterprises, the network marketing has four realms, they are in accordance with the passive to active, point to surface, static to dynamic, quantity to the quality of the law gradually upgrade and extend.

the first realm: enterprise information base display

Internet access China, with two kinds of companies registered landing and exhibition website as the representative of the information display mode, network enterprise, enterprise network marketing is the first step China go, popular to say that, in the vast Internet in the establishment of a corporate name card, simple, one-way display, isolated is characteristic of this way the. Of course, in the current mainstream way, this way or the enterprise information, without the website of the enterprises in the establishment of the website, not willing to do the registration, all kinds of free web pages on the internet. Just a prototype of enterprise network marketing, network marketing the first realm.

second realms: around the search engine construction enterprise marketing type website

with the rapid increase in the number of Internet users and influence continue to improve, more and more enterprises, realize enterprise information display and simple low-level has been unable to meet the needs of the development of enterprises, they focus on what method to have to let more potential customers browse to your own website. This demand in the vast network of service companies to upgrade the site and the emergence of search engine marketing, has been a great deal of satisfaction. At the forefront of the business owners, tasted the sweetness of network marketing, from every quarter of Baidu’s revenue growth rate, business owners to search engine as the core of the network marketing investment enthusiasm, but now it seems that this kind of network marketing way, there is no major breakthrough in technology situation, has been close to the ceiling. This is the second realm of network marketing.

third realms: brand advertising and divergent network mass

for a certain scale of enterprises, especially some of the hot industry of large enterprises, the value of network marketing, brand promotion is greater than the promotion, long-term benefits outweigh short-term benefits. Network brand advertising is the oldest network marketing. It is unattainable for small and medium enterprises, for large enterprises, it is necessary, in this way, the same TV ads have the same effect. For small and medium enterprises, through the low cost network mass model, but also to improve the network exposure rate. The characteristics of this realm is that the passive waiting for the initiative to attack.

fourth realms: network precision, continuous, interactive marketing

this realm is a return, return to the network >

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