Home improvement industry network marketing plan to share

, home improvement

concept: home decoration decoration.

narrow sense of home decoration: refers to the interior decoration; from the perspective of landscaping to consider, in order to make the indoor space more beautiful;

generalized home improvement: including the transformation of interior space, decoration; today we say that the home improvement is generally a home improvement, is a comprehensive indoor decoration and decoration.


family decoration is the various situations of "life materialization" to the room, room to buy the design has been completed, can not make a big adjustment, so the rest can move is to decorate decoration (large decoration concept including room design, decoration, furniture, interesting small adorn). Because life is their own, so they have to personally intervene in the repair process, not only in the decoration design and construction period, but also to live in after the long-term improvement.

two, home improvement industry network marketing analysis

1, home improvement industry

and [1] as Jiezhuang enterprises in a strong momentum of development of the sunrise industry, housing industry chain downstream, its history is not very long. Reform and opening up to promote economic development and prosperity, especially in recent years, the rapid rise of the real estate industry, the first to promote and implement the Jiezhuang industry system (ceramic coating decoration, furniture and other products) of the popular demand, with the development of social economy, people’s living standard is high, changes in consumer attitudes, requirements of people the housing has been from the simple function increased gradually to pay attention to taste, personality, knowledge and show a high degree of aesthetic. Home decoration consumption has become a social fashion and hot spots. Home industry is a promising industry, decoration companies to carry out various marketing activities, advertising in various media is a matter in recent years, is the result of market competition, but also the development of the industry trend mature.

The main target customers of

Jiezhuang enterprises is the purchase owner (unpopular second-hand housing market, the home improvement industry is also an opportunity for development), homeowners age, literacy, personal preferences and aesthetic level, demand for residential renovation is vastly different, how to meet the individual needs of the owners of this house? Requires Jiezhuang enterprises like real estate businesses, the research and development of the market as an important marketing process, so as to explore the potential value of the target customers, to create wealth for the enterprise.

2, home improvement industry, the negative impact of

1) Jiezhuang industry "black"

2) industry unspoken rules and fishing engineering trap

3) widespread flooding in the price war

4) overlord contract terms

home improvement industry negative information, will directly affect the home improvement business network marketing. Consumers in the purchase of home improvement companies will consider the qualifications of enterprises, corporate reputation, price, quality of service and so on, these

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