Four kinds of shop promotion is not suitable

in the community, it seems to see the posts are taught how to promote, today I say, to promote some of the errors. Hope you can avoid pro. Buyers want to find your shop in the tens of thousands of online, then online promotion work is essential, but today I want to give you that is online promotion among four inappropriate promotion methods, I hope to see everyone inspire.

first do not send spam

no matter when and where, for any people, a lot of unsolicited junk email is that many users can not tolerate China. Now there are a lot of people in the major web site to sell mail * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *, there is no such a magical propaganda effect is not to say, but in short, do not believe them. Sending spam will only bring you enemies rather than friends, and more and more people will be disgusted with your shop. Remember

second points in the construction of the shop do not promote

At the beginning of

promotion before please ensure you shop all the goods are complete, and the classification of content is rich, especially the content must be complete, often see a lot of sellers in the promotion of their own shop, like the teeth off home page, is very neat, in the decoration, but also to promote their own shops, this will give your visitors bring very good impression. Maybe he won’t be here second times for the first time, and you’ll lose a client.

third don’t waste time on search engines

your shop site submitted to the major search engines and directories, such as Baidu, Google and YAHOO, there is no need to waste time of no great importance in search engines, they bring the traffic is almost zero.

fourth do not reply, send a top word and his shop at

if you think it works, it’s stupid. It will not only bring you traffic, but also to the seller, the buyer has an aversion to you.

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