Analysis on the effect of network marketing and profit model

network marketing this word, for the IT industry, people are familiar with, but not to say more to marketing people. But can not rule out a lot of people on the Internet marketing misunderstanding. What is the real network marketing marketing. Personal opinion: the real network marketing is a discipline, the need for a lot of professional knowledge, the following understanding from several aspects of network marketing:

1, the construction of a special marketing website to sell things (not an information release site, but not an official website).

2, to develop a network marketing plan for their own product sales, access to accurate marketing traffic.

3, select a set of music like this powerful online marketing system.

4, the development of professional online sales staff.

5, the development of a suitable for their own product marketing online marketing techniques and processes.

6, arrange special posts regularly analyze the effect of network marketing, according to the effect of the continuous optimization of the marketing link.

completed the six aspects of the site can be achieved "flow" advisory "clues" orders "of transformation, so as to achieve the best effect of network marketing, but also to achieve a personal understanding of network marketing. Of course, this is just one kind of opinion.

But a lot of things in the

are not very mature of the cases will be based on my own personal Public opinions are divergent., memory, has also seen people say that the network marketing is a site for site promotion? This should clarify is.

usually, we carry out the purpose of network marketing is the ultimate profit. Based on the different marketing and the actual development of the Internet, combined with customer value and value chain, the following analysis of network marketing profit model.

profit model is the process and method of the enterprise or the commercial organization output profit. Of course, to create or provide value is the basis for profit, therefore, the profit model should include at least three aspects of the source of value, production methods and output. To put it simply, a profit model is what a business or business organization relies on to earn a customer’s money, what value it provides to the customer, or in what manner it provides value and benefits. At the present stage, marketing is the center of the enterprise management activities, marketing is not only concerned about the source of value and how to achieve, but also pay attention to the value of the production method and the value of the output. From the discovery of value to the output value of each link, the formation of a complete value chain. The emergence of network marketing to marketing activities to an unprecedented extent into the value chain and its various links.

it can be seen from the above: intervention value chain business model to the Internet network marketing profit mechanism based online activities, create or transfer the value and benefits to their relatively fixed activities and processes.

this article from the understanding of what is the real effect of the network marketing to network marketing profit analysis, short

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