Brewmaster network won the share transfer system listed approval documents show a loss of 600 millio

[TechWeb] October 16th news reports, brewmaster network announced the share transfer system to get listed on the new board, which marks the Sichuan one Jiu Jiu (1919), three new board to usher in second O2O liquor sales company.


won the brewmaster network listed shares transfer system approval documents show a loss of 600 million yuan

for two yearsAccording to the

system of medium and small share transfer announcement, "brewmaster network of e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd on the stock listed on the share transfer system for small and medium enterprises in China for a few related documents received notice". We hereby agree that the company’s shares are listed on the basis of the agreement.


won the brewmaster network listed shares transfer system approval documents show a loss of 600 million yuan

for two yearsThe

announcement also said that when the number of shareholders did not apply for listing of more than 200 people, according China SFC from former permitted company stock transfer company, after the listing Included supervision of non listed public company.

According to the

audit documents show ass brewmaster network, brewmaster network in 2014 operating income of 1 billion 578 million yuan, a net loss of approximately 287 million yuan, brewmaster 2013 net operating income of 860 million yuan, a net loss of 309 million yuan, without calculating loss of 60 million 1-3 months of 2015, 2013 and 2014 brewmaster net loss of 590 million yuan.

then brewmaster network announced important notes, including a total of seven, as follows:

(a) difficult to profit in the short term risk

company in recent years the rapid growth of operating income, gross margin rose steadily, but affected by the development strategy of the electricity supplier industry characteristics and company, sales expenses, administrative expenses also increased rapidly, resulting in the company during the reporting period has been unable to profit. Future Ltd will continue to focus on expanding the size of the business, revenue and gross profit growth is likely to be difficult to cover the costs, the company will face the risk of short-term profitability is difficult.

(two) liquor electricity supplier competition increased risk

liquor electricity supplier platform to adapt to consumer spending habits change, showing a strong growth momentum, more and more market players involved. On the one hand, the traditional wine enterprises by virtue of the stability of the customer base and brand influence, the wine supply channels and financial strength and other advantages and actively involved in wine online retail market; on the other hand, Tmall, Jingdong and other comprehensive B2C online shopping platform also vigorously develop wine sales channels, expand the wine sales market by using its own traffic advantage; in addition, in recent years the emergence of a number of professional wine vertical e-commerce platform. There is fierce competition in the market price, channel and mode, and the industry is facing the risk of market competition.

(three) operating income can not maintain the risk of sustained rapid growth

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