The public security department confirmed 1 9 month promotion moderator real name policy

January 28th, Ningxia, Gansu two provinces announced the implementation of the Ministry of public security and other 13 ministries deployed this year 1-9 month regulation to combat Internet pornography and other harmful information special action, the implementation of real name system moderator news website "measures are not in place firmly closed". After that, Jilin province also announced to moderators of the real name system, and a clear thread will be sent after the first trial. In February 15th, the Ministry of public security organ of the people’s public security "newspaper" published a long article, for the first time to confirm the moderator in the promotion of national name system. In February 18th, Chongqing became the fourth publicly announced the promotion of moderators of real name system of provinces and cities.

reporters found that large website, 2006 has been the mainstream forum moderator of the real name system, the relevant departments will hope the policy promotion, and to implement all existing network users interact.

February 18th, Chongqing local media reports, the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau Network Monitoring Corps responsible person, Chongqing police will carry out a comprehensive remediation special action pornographic and other harmful information network. According to the Ministry of public security requirements, to thoroughly clean up illegal websites, the website forum moderator, chat room host will be the real name system.

moderator name system step by step, the firm came to us.

for the "two sessions" and the Olympic

virtual space no matter how big, can not go beyond the legal and moral bottom line. For the majority of Internet users online vulgar style, filled with righteous indignation. The Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of public security and other 13 departments in the first nine months of this year will make great efforts to improve the network order, regulation to combat online pornography and other harmful information, purify the network environment, and create a fresh visual world to the masses." In February 15th, the "people’s Daily" published a long article "in defense of the public security network environment", a comprehensive exposition of the public security organs of the network regulation ideas.

article said that the fight against pornographic Web campaigns, "before the end of March, around the Spring Festival and this year as" NPC and CPPCC "to create a healthy and civilized Internet environment, from April to September, the Beijing Olympic Games online network security, carry out rectification work to combat Internet pornography, fraud, gambling and the sale of contraband the illegal and criminal activities, to promote the Internet management mechanism construction."

"This year,

will further strengthen the basic work management of the Internet, Internet operators and service units in cooperation with the fight against pornographic information on duty will be strengthened, promotion forum moderator, bar and chatroom host name system."

large forum has been implemented

actually, forum moderator real name system has been at the end of the world community and NetEase and other portals implemented, a sense of the "promotion" is to the forum site, the experience to implement all websites and forums to — as long as there are users of interactive columns.

in 2006, many well-known large-scale website forum received the relevant notification requirements, real name authentication on the moderator. At that time, the Sohu has posted a notice to the community, "the Sohu administrators and moderators who will have the real name appointment,"

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