The doctor released obituary CEO Zhang Rui died temporarily by the co founder of business

[TechWeb] reported news October 6th, spring (spring health doctor) official public number WeChat officially released obituary, received a specific message confirmation: "Beijing Chunyu World Software Co. Ltd. (spring doctor) founder and CEO Mr. Zhang Rui, due to sudden myocardial infarction, died in Beijing on the evening of October 5, 2016, at the age of 44." To bring huge losses to the rain doctor, but also entrepreneurs, especially in the field of Chinese Internet entrepreneurs huge injustice.


spring doctor CEO Zhang Rui


finally, the official revealed related operations docking doctors rain, rain doctors at present all normal business related duties, Mr. Zhang Rui, temporarily by co-founder Li Guanghui perform on behalf of mr.. (day 1)

The doctor

official release obituary reads as follows:

Beijing World Software Co., Ltd. (spring rain doctor) founder and CEO Mr. Zhang Rui, due to sudden myocardial infarction, unfortunately died in the evening of October 5, 2016 in Beijing, at the age of 44 years old.

Mr. Zhang Rui is a pioneer in China’s Internet industry. From the JINGWAH times to the NetEase and then to the rain doctor, Mr. Zhang Rui accurately grasp the opportunity of the two revolution of the Internet, the successful realization of the connection from the people and information to connect people and services across. In August of this year, Mr. Zhang Rui also put their eyes on the upcoming era of Internet of things.

Mr. Zhang Rui is also a pioneer in the China Mobile healthcare industry. The creation of the rain doctor for five years, Mr. Zhang Rui has been walking in the forefront of the field of digital medical innovation, pioneering the use of the Internet means to solve the problem of mismatch of health care resources, with the online inquiry way, make the Internet effect for the first time can be comparable to the hospital medical line under the first diagnosis. Increasing the supply of medical resources through the deployment of doctors time, but also enhance the efficiency of the medical system.

Mr. Zhang Rui

or the Internet Explorer the most active medical business model. From the "light interrogation" to "air hospital" to "electronic health records" to "open platform" online inquiry, Zhang Rui let rain doctors become the application of Internet Medical entrance and platform level, and to integrate the medical industry all aspects of resources, make the Internet gradually upgrade to the doctor from the medical treatment, and is expected to reduce the overall medical costs at the same time, to achieve all aspects of common profit.

is now walking in the rain doctor overall profit, the sudden departure of Mr. Zhang Rui, is not only a huge loss of rain doctors, more is to entrepreneurs, especially the great injustice in the field of Internet business Chinese.

at present, the spring rain doctor’s business is normal, Mr. Zhang Rui’s duties, temporarily by the founder of Mr. Li Guanghui on behalf of the performance.

rain doctor all the staff of Mr. Zhang Rui’s death, said the most profound condolences.

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