Website recommendation Runfaces fill Facebook blank video social networking sites


Runfaces slogan: around the interest to make new friends with video


on the user’s home page, there is a huge shot button


Runfaces wants to make users interact with each other according to the degree of interest correlation

        science and technology news, Beijing time on June 5th afternoon news, the world’s leading social network is no doubt that Facebook, 900 million users share daily life with text and pictures of the. But with Google+, MySpace and other sites, Facebook did not shoot the video and share in the first place. Two young people from Ukraine inspired by the creation of the video social networking site Runfaces.

Facebook features a comprehensive reputation, video sharing function will not be forgotten. So why Runfaces challenge I think, Facebook? Characteristics of this small start-up companies have two attractive.

Runfaces is the flagship video function, so the user page will have a large blue shooting button, click to select the video recording, released YouTube video or video upload (this feature is not yet open). It also has its own "time line", called "Stream", in fact, just in time to arrange the user released video. But unlike Facebook, users can publish text or pictures, which ensures that the user’s home page concise and focused, will not let users face messy information loss.

Another feature of the

Runfaces is that it will be based on the user’s interests and hobbies and other information to calculate the correlation between each other, and recommend users. This program is more than Facebook, but also to help users get to know like-minded friends.

it is worth noting that all the video sites will face the user to publish pornographic or offensive content, a random example is the most famous video chat site Chatroulette. In front of the camera to show the face of a large number of crazy privates naked Chatroulette almost at a loss what to do. The Runfaces solution is to allow users through Facebook account login, with real characteristics of Facebook contain user scheming. This idea is quite similar to our previously reported random video dating application Flikdate.

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