User thinking is not as difficult as you think the key lies in how to use

in the Internet era, how to create a burst of products based on the user, is placed in front of every entrepreneur problem. I have seen a lot of products, are entirely based on their own preferences and developers to develop research. Finally after the advent of the thought he has considered comprehensive, fully prepared, condensed the developers a lot of effort, but the user does not buy it, according to the judgment of product, to speak the same language.

Zhou Hongyi shared a router that will do 360 cases, engineers after a study found that the original traditional router antenna is not required, the existing technology already can achieve zero antenna, and the signal is not affected. Then, they confidently developed an antenna are not even a router, the thought of such a surprise move, but did not expect a product launch, almost No one shows any interest in. Later learned that the user does not care about the technical principles behind the zero antenna, the user really care about, the more the antenna, the stronger the signal, the four antenna router is better than two antennas. Such an impression has been solidified at the cognitive level, not the so-called "innovation" can be solved.


router antenna becomes the focus of

unless you have amazing insight as Jobs, otherwise, this kind of self innovation will only be counterproductive, in the long run, it can only be farther away from the user.

so, how can we stand in the user’s point of view, to build a product?

one, using the user to win cognitive

is a product, no matter how you propaganda, the core value is practical, after the purchase of the product, must be able to use, and easy to use and worry. Only the most practical products, in order to quickly access the user.

IOS system, just can let users very worry, without the need to consider the brush, virus and various Xifei software such as headaches, the system may be relatively closed, perhaps in some scenes not humane. However, in the core level of practicality, do almost flawless.

So is the

Amazon Kindle, for the love of reading, but subject to the external environment of the crowd, such as too heavy physical books, is not easy to carry, lying in bed at night, afraid of the impact of family reading, e-book software on the market from the quality uneven in quality, content layout to all scattered confusion, to find high quality books, you need to spend a lot of time and energy, more troublesome is that the mobile phone screen itself is not suitable for long time reading.

Amazon with practical e-book as the breakthrough point, on the one hand, the book industry steeped in years of experience and resources, to create online e-book purchase mall; on the other hand, using electronic ink such technology, create a Kindle that is easy to carry, reading comfort, long life of hardware products >

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