On social media marketing objectives

before starting a social media marketing campaign, you must define your goals clearly. In foreign countries, there are a number of social media marketing campaign is designed to remove some negative results from the search engine’s search results page. In this case, there are two different targets, one is the reputation management, two is to establish new links, these links may appear in the search results page search engine, thereby increasing the positive publicity related to the content of the enterprise and the brand. Social media marketing and other goals, including improving brand awareness, increase traffic, improve search engine rankings, improve sales of products or services, etc.. Correctly set goals, to maximize the value of social media marketing.

a, improve brand awareness

social media marketing can have a huge impact on brand awareness, brand participation in social media and brand awareness has a direct correlation. We can know from Sina micro-blog, micro-blog official many well-known brands have more fans, also shows that the brand in social media in the circle has a high degree of participation, and most social networking sites support the participation, participation can provide more brand awareness in multiple social networks as in many enterprises, establish the corresponding official account in Sina micro-blog, micro-blog, micro-blog, Tencent, Sohu and other sites have renren.com, provide interaction with users.

in general, when people consider buying a product or service, they decide to buy or give up before they go online. Typically, consumers do not want to immediately believe that the company’s marketing campaign, but willing to listen to other people’s advice and experience. They prefer to listen to the opinions of the users, not the people who represent the company. People don’t trust the company’s publicity, but let the social impact of media participants may change a lot of ideas, and let more users trust the brand enterprises, produce product purchase intention, which will bring great value to the company.

two, improve product or service sales

social media strategies (e.g., user reviews of products or services and related video presentations) can improve the sales of products or services. When people want to buy a product, they like to look at other people’s comments on Internet before making a decision. Of course, there is no doubt that the higher the brand awareness, attract more customers. At the same time, social media marketing, there is a more important role is to listen to the user’s voice, to adopt their products use experience and suggestions, through continuous improvement of defects of products and services, improve the quality of products or services, so as to improve the product or service sales.

three, reputation management

social media is conducive to reputation management in many ways. Social media sites on the search engine, and these pages may have a high ranking. Similarly, we should take an active part in

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