Tmall stores are black home filled with what is shipped to me

IT home this afternoon, Tmall is a well-known electricity supplier flagship store is attacked, all home information is tampered with, after IT home Xiaobian found access to full screen have been tampered with "what do not give me the goods?", the scene effect can not bear to look.


from home display information, it seems like the seller in order to earn rate and the means to do this at present score of three red attacked shops presumably buyers and coordination problems, the ultimate buyer seller into the black sites, are home to change.


in addition, Xiao Bian just visit the home page, the home page has been changed, but the effect is still too horrible to look at ", but now the commodity can still be normal orders, up to now has not returned home.



from the current point of view, it is not the business of self, at present home stores have been hanging out a letter of apology, said it will have to trace the source, to prevent a similar situation from happening again.


we all know who the Dragon

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