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news September 12th, Ichiban shop in the "9.17 China nuts Health Day" on that day, the company announced that it will upgrade the nuts snacks based products, and released a product called "Daijiaren" products.

Ichiban shop responsible person: with the popularity of nuts healthy concept, dietary structure of national are continually changing. Now the key is to create innovative products and ideas to provide users willing to eat, while convenient for users to manage the health of nuts."


chairman Yang Hongchun

Ichiban shop

the responsible person also said: "the spread of marketing and communication scheme is Daijiaren through vertical forum, mobile APP, network variety and offline stores with nearly 2000 users recently is expected to yield the line stores to accept new information."

It is reported that the current

, Ichiban shop snacks SKU has reached more than 1 thousand and 500. In early September this year, Ichiban shop announced Zhangzidao cooperation articles and production of marine food industry, began to enter the field of marine leisure food.

billion state power network learned over the past ten years, the amount of nut consumption in China is growing at an annual rate of more than 10%. The last 3 years, Ichiban shop online nuts food sales growth rate of nearly three times.

in early 2016, the China Food Industry Association nut Specialized Committee has advocated the creation of the "9.17 Chinese nut Health Day", the event is held every year from September 17th to 25. This year’s theme is "a handful of nuts every day, healthy". Health will be held during the day, including the industry open, seeds food health promotion, health food nuts consumer experience and other activities.

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