More and more Goldman Sachs and Bain are investing in Korean cosmetics

invested these Korean brands have such characteristics – there are one or two kinds of products to get the fist, while benefiting from the growth of the Chinese market.


source: Vision China

(Goldman Sachs Group Inc Goldman Sachs Group and Bain Capital) (Bain Capital Private Equity) announced in July 18th, a majority stake in the joint acquisition of unlisted Korean beauty producer Carver Korea, to take this opportunity to welcome in the market from Chinese had a slice of a Korean cosmetics.

Reuters quoted sources said that the buyer will pay more than 350 billion won (about $307 million), and Carver Korea thus get $675 million valuation. But the two sides have not disclosed transaction data.

Carver in South Korea, China, the United States market sales of about 1000 kinds of products, flagship skincare brand is A.H.C. According to Bain and Goldman Sachs data, this year, 1-5 months, Carver sales grew by more than 200%, the company in 2015 annual sales of 150 billion won (about $132 million).

according to Reuters, the two private equity fund said in a joint statement, after the completion of the acquisition, Carver Korea, founder and chairman of the board of directors of Lee Sang-rok previously held a minority stake will continue to keep company, and participate in the daily operations of the company, previously, he had Carver Korea 60.2% stake in the company. Reuters quoted informed sources said that the transaction price or more than 350 billion won (according to the current exchange rate of about $308 million).

large consortia and cosmetics companies for the Korean brand’s favor is nothing new. In June 2015, the United States announced the investment of South Korea IT’S SKIN (Yi Si), the main raw materials for the solution to the snail skin care products; in October 2015, with Clinique and La Mer Estee Lauder announced that South Korean investment niche brand Dr.Jart+’s parent company Have& Be, Dr.Jart+ star product makeup cream, BB cream, it also has men’s skin care brand DTRT. Just last week, South Korea makeup brand Clio won LVMH’s $50 million L Capital injection.

The South Korean brand

investment have such characteristics, they have one or two kind of products Nadechushou, while benefiting from China market growth – whether this growth is from Korea Tourism or through cross-border electricity supplier.

, according to South Korea’s Ministry of food and drug safety data, 2015 output increased makeup >

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