Qidong women’s online shopping refund card ten thousand dashuipiao encounter scam

network fraud related news repeatedly hit the newspapers emerge in an endless stream, however, cheat again able to succeed. Recently, Qidong citizens Miss Shen on the face of the so-called "taobao.com customer service", 10 thousand yuan cheated bank card.

April 3rd, Miss Shen bought a pair of brand shoes by taobao.com. 3 days later, the delivery of goods, Miss Shen a glance to recognize this shoe is not genuine. Buy fake, Miss Shen’s heart is not happy, she immediately decided to return a refund. Miss Shen contacted the seller by Ali Wangwang, but the sellers have been ignored. In desperation, Shen decided to directly to Taobao customer service complaints.

April 11th, Miss Shen Baidu search how to contact Taobao customer service, check to a 4006887656 phone number. Miss Shen dialed the phone. A self proclaimed Taobao customer service staff, warmly received miss shen. When Miss Shen put forward a refund application, its clear that it will be dealt with immediately, and asked Miss Shen left bank card account, after the application is successful, the refund will be directly hit the card. At the same time, this so-called Taobao customer service also reminded Miss Shen, while she will receive two SMS verification code. Miss Shen Shen, in accordance with the requirements of the verification code to inform the other party. Then, Miss Shen received two bank debit information, a total of 10000 yuan after deducting the card. At this time, Miss Shen realized that he encountered a liar.

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