Teach you how to register domain names in foreign countries

recent national crackdown vulgar website caused domestic webmaster jittery, through domestic bus and multi domain was hold makes many owners lost the confidence of the domain name registration in china. Many webmasters have to turn to the domain name, it is recommended to register domain names in foreign countries. The following are some of my experience in the field of domain name registration abroad hope to give you some harvest.

a lot of foreign domain name registrar, but the domestic webmaster is much more GoDaddy, name, domainsite, NameCheap, enom. Many people think that the domain name registration in foreign countries is very troublesome is very convenient with the domestic price is not much difference between even cheaper, and management is very convenient. Almost all of the domain names can be registered directly push transfer, turn out is also very simple. Not for the sake of the interests of your domain name restrictions. The following I registered domain name in name.com, for example, the first to register a domain name in foreign countries have a credit card or paypal. If there is no credit card can use the PayPal, first registered PayPal account, pay attention to PayPal certified international account not registered domestic PayPal, PayPal is not paid $. Then to Taobao or the forum of stationmaster of the dollar. Name.com domain name price of 8.99, but can generally find a discount you can offer about $1. Name.com domain name to provide free hidden whios services we can query under my domain name www.zhengmei.net is the sister network set up a hidden effect. Turn out is also very convenient transfer code on the side of the domain name, the interpretation is also very fast is basically a real time to do the first choice of vulgar station owners, the following is the domain name name.com tutorial.

account management

how to create an account?

1 in the upper right corner of the home page, click Login (login) tab

2 in the New Customers (new customer) column to fill in the user name and password (at least 6 characters)

3 click Continue button

4 to fill in the default contact information for the account. Each domain name registration, fill in 4 kinds of contact information: registrant (owner), administrator, technician and bill. Of course, you can also check the options at the bottom of the page, so that you can fill in only once, the other uses the same information

5 Click My Account (my account) to view your account

how to log on to the account?

1 in the upper right corner of the home page, click Login (login) tab

2 in the Returning Customers (old customer) column to fill in the normal user name and password (case sensitive)

3 Click Sign (login) >

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