Domain name is no longer for gold but for relief

domain name has been one of the more controversial topics of the Internet, the rapid development of China’s domain name market in recent years, for the growth of China’s Internet industry has made outstanding contributions. The number of Internet users in China has already surpassed the United States, has become the country with the largest number of global Internet users, is worthy of "the first big Internet powerhouse. The rapid growth of China’s Internet industry, but also for many of its industrial chain has brought hope and vitality.

from the rise of the CN domain name, Mobi domain name of the popular, Asia domain name heat wave, we can see that we have long recognized the importance of the network domain name. In March 2008, the Internet infrastructure provider VeriSign (VeriSign) announced the fourth quarter of 2007, "the domain name industry report", which shows the new Internet domain name in 2007 nearly 33 million, at the same time, including the top-level domain name (TLD), the global domain name registered a total of over 153 million, representing a growth of 27%, growth of 5% compared to the third quarter of 2007.

domain name market continues to expand, many of the domain name investors have turned to the domain name gold. Domain name registration has become an important way of their rich, crazy registered enterprises, famous, famous brand name, and then put the domain name transactions on the website. However, a small number of people really make a lot of investment through the domain name, but this is a minority. The face of temptation, a registered domain name is popular in the network.

however, when disaster strikes, we see the unity of the people. We are not in the relevant domain name out of selling, but to provide free. The May 12th Sichuan earthquake affects the hearts of people across the country, CNNIC called for the national CN domain name registration, your hands and relief related CN domain (including English CN domain and CN domain name Chinese) donated for disaster relief site. You donate the domain name, can help more users to communicate relevant information to help people in disaster areas after reconstruction.

at present, many websites have enabled the relevant domain name, "Wenchuan earthquake" website enabled the national domain name "" and ".Cn Xinhua Wenchuan," earthquake relief website "enabled the national domain name" "and" "," China Wenchuan earthquake relief network enabled the national domain name "" and ".Cn" in Wenchuan, "Wenchuan China.Cn" a Chinese domain name.

believe that as long as we work together, there is no disaster can not be overcome. I am here to thank the relevant enterprises and individuals to provide free domain name, thank you for the contribution and efforts of the people of Sichuan.

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